Customer Reviews

"CatSpot Litter has absolutely no smell, no dust, and it’s lightweight. Anyone could carry it!"

Donna Hand, Humane Society of Southeast Missouri

"We went from using 300lbs of clay litter a week to 12lbs of CatSpot Litter a week. It’s odorless and very lightweight. My 3 year-old actually helps me carry it to the cat room."

Ashley Boyd, Sikeston Area Humane Society

"I really like it. It doesn’t have big clumps like the other litters I have used and therefore not as much waste."

Shelby Witherow, Customer

"Our cat likes it, no odor, and easy to clean up. We will definitely continue using it."

Camie and Brooklyn Jones, Customers

"It isn’t expensive, it’s easy on my cats’ paws, no chemicals, and it controls odor. CatSpot Litter will change the cat litter industry. Watch and see!"

Willy Williams, Customer

"ABSOLUTELY the best litter I have ever used. It’s so light and easy to carry! The job I used to dread has become a joy. Thanks CatSpot."

Tom Gladish

"It’s like Magic! The smell just disappears without removing anything!"

Zed Boyd, Director Sikeston Humane Society