Frequently Asked Questions

Recommended Use

How do I use CatSpot Litter?

You already know the basics of kitty litter. We recommend removing solids daily – which is best for your cat – and stirring the litter as you do. Or as we like to say, "Just scoop the poop daily and stir in the urine." This will help the coconut absorb the ammonia in the urine for optimal results. It will also increase the longevity and effectiveness of your litter.

How does coconut work as cat litter?

Coconut holds 560% of its weight in liquid making it the most absorbent plant known to man. The absorbent nature is what makes CatSpot so effective as a cat litter.

How much CatSpot Litter should I use?

You know your kitty best, so you’re the expert here. But we recommend filling your litter box to a depth of 1.5" to 2" and replacing when the litter is saturated and begins to smell. For one cat with standard bathroom behavior, one bag of CatSpot may last for one month.

Will I still need to scoop CatSpot Litter?

Society has been trained to believe that cat urine should clump in the litter box. That’s so manufacturers can sell you more of their litter. CatSpot Litter is not intended to clump the urine. Just stir the box daily to help the coconut absorb the urine, while removing the solids daily.

Can CatSpot Litter be used for multi-cat households?

Absolutely. Our general recommendation is one bag of CatSpot Litter per cat, per month. We also recommend that each cat have its own litter box.


What makes CatSpot Litter different from other cat litters?

It’s made from one ingredient – coconut, Mother Earth’s most ingenious invention. It is the only 100% organic cat litter in the market. It absorbs odors and liquids like no other and it's featherlight.

Is CatSpot Litter safe for animals other than cats?

Yes, CatSpot Litter is safe with use for dogs, rabbits, ferrets, or any other pets. In fact, if you have a reptile, check out our Herptopia reptile bedding.

Is CatSpot Litter septic system safe?

Disposal of CatSpot litter through septic tank systems has not yet been evaluated. Laboratory testing has shown that CatSpot Litter is flushable because it does not contain any harmful clumping agents that will expand in a sewer system.


Repurposed Litter?

CatSpot Litter’s work isn’t over when the litter box needs to be changed. It also doubles as a soil amendment and can be repurposed in your garden, lawn or compost as it contains wonderful nutrients and naturally absorbs water.

Where is CatSpot Litter made?

CatSpot Litter is manufactured in Sikeston, Missouri in the heartland of America.

Are there any human health concerns for people who come in contact with CatSpot Litter?

While there are no health risks associated with CatSpot Litter, we want to remind pregnant women and those with suppressed immune systems that a parasite can sometimes be found in cat feces which can cause toxoplasmosis – a disease characterized by flu-like symptoms that can lead to birth defects.

If I am unsatisfied with my purchase, is there a return policy?

We have no doubt that you’ll be satisfied with CatSpot Litter. But, if for some reason, you’re not, we do offer a one-time refund for your purchase. Return of product is not necessary. Reference Money-Back Guarantee.

How can I get in touch with CatSpot?

Call us at 1-844-624-3125 or via email at [email protected] Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CST.