Litter as
Mother Nature Intended

All Natural. Sustainable. Zero Chemicals.

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Made From 100% Coconut

All Natural Clay Free


Dust Free

Exceptional Odor Elimination

Zero Chemicals Natural, earthy aroma with no added fragrances.

Hypoallergenic Dust free with no clumping agents or toxic clay.

Biodegradable Flushable and can be used as a soil amendment.

Lightweight Just 5 pounds is equal to 40 pounds of clay litter.

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Cat approved.

Cat parent loved.

"CatSpot Litter has absolutely no smell, no dust, and it’s lightweight. Anyone could carry it!"

Donna Hand Humane Society of Southeast Missouri

"Our cat likes it, no odor, and easy to clean up. We will definitely continue using it."

Camie and Brooklyn Jones Customers

"ABSOLUTELY the best litter I have ever used. It’s so light and easy to carry! The job I used to dread has become a joy. Thanks CatSpot."

Tom Gladish Customer